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"Thank you for an exceptional painting session with you. It was an adventurous journey into myself and into the magic world of painting. I opened up to new creative graduations and came home with renewed energy, new knowledge, inspiration, and ideas for my life and for painting. Your personal guide and organization of the process got me into a process that I had not experienced before - I felt a whole new connection to my canvas when I painted. You inspired and guided me to go beyond my own limitations, to let go of my thoughts and beliefs about how my image would look.

I was able to use my intuition and feel what was to happen in the process. At the same time, it was great to see how the story that emerged in my image along the way reflected my experiences in the meditations, dreams, and where I am in my life right now.  

I have become aware of sensing and feeling more when I paint and do not see and think so much. When I used my intuition to make decisions about what to do on the canvas, I obtained liberation from my mind (my thoughts and judgments) and is more present in the process. It created a fantastic flow in my energy and magic can arise on my canvas.   "It's like waking up and finally having found my own creative source, and having" understand the essence of painting and being in a creative process."


From my heart thank you. Bente Wammen



1-day workshop

Testimonials from a 1-day workshop:

“In May 2019, I attended a one-day“ intuitive soul art ”workshop with Jullie

- it was really pure magic !!!

I have never tried to paint a "picture" before, but came home with a painting I am extremely proud of! I felt very welcomed by Jullie, she was relaxed and very present :-) After a guided meditation where I met my "inner goddess", Jullie showed me some color and painting theory on canvas. I really felt in very safe hands and could just be present and relax, be in the process and let it get to me, Jullie held the room.

It was a totally magical and fun day, I had a great time! Definitely want to try again, highly recommend Jullie's “art and magic”

<3 Shanaya "

To have Jullie as a teacher.

I have drawn on and off For many years and over several times I tried to paint. Especially with the painting, I have experienced time and again to get stuck before I even got started. I have participated in several painting courses without real success. I simply didn't get into the creative process. This changed drastically after I attended one of Jullie's Paint your inner goddess courses - as the only man. ;-) I had decided to go "all in" and Jullie's methodological approach, which includes both intuitive painting, and a step by step approach, sat right in my closet. In short, it can be said that Jullie is a very skilled teacher (and painter) who has a great understanding and respect for where the students stand individually. She lets you both be self-employed, but can also "hold your hand" as needed. The product that comes out of the course speaks for itself. I strongly recommend this course to those who want to try out a more spiritual approach to the painting.

Yours sincerely, Kristoffer Olivier Lange

Dear Jullie Qvist you're a great woman, and a super wonderful teacher, you take each of us where we stand and bring us safely to our goal. If someone had told me, that it would be possible for me, to have painted this, I wouldn't have believed them. I have never painted before, and have no skills in drawing. The image I took with me home is the woman I met in the visualization. Thank you Thank you Thank you Jullie, I wish you good luck and I look forward to meeting you again.

Christina Kaaber

 I have been on a wild wise women course at Jullie Qvist. It has been incredibly exciting. A journey inward, which is then painted onto a canvas. The process has been incredibly rewarding and the painting that has come out of it quite adventurous. It has been a layering process that led to the final result, which has meant that I have not been able to predict and control the outcome, and it became quite amazing. I would love to do it again, and highly recommend it to others. Jullie is a magnificent, lovely supervisor.

Karen B. Jensen

 Dear Jullie Thank you for a couple of beautiful days in the signs of creativity. The entire process of the creation of the painting has been exciting and magical. I haven‟t been drawing and painting since I was a kid. It has been a dream for a long time to paint on canvas because it is so incredibly inspiring to see both your and other beautiful pictures. Although I have great confidence in your abilities, yet I was very surprised that I actually came home with a picture that looks like the visions we did. In the same way, as the other participants' results were a surprising technique and beautiful. It is simply so wonderful when you are surprised in that way, and that's exactly what your course has done. Thank you for your wonderful way of being, your knowledge that you share, and to inspire creativity and art for the people you touch. I love my image and is so proud to have it now on my wall at home.

Rikke Agersted

Shamanic healer, naturopath and phytotherapist

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