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Intuitiv Soulart


The process of Intuitive soulart, is a deep inner connection to oneself, and to the Divine feminine. For me, it’s a powerful transformation, where you can go as deep as you desire.

Every Time I go to my canvas, I truly feel a deep connection, a portal to inner guidance, and a magic place to get into deeper connection to my own soul.

This is one of my favorite spiritual practice, where my on process shows itself in my painting. For me this is truly magical.

In every painting I create, there is wisdom to be found. Every painting tells a story, and make my circle of life visible.

This is dreamwork, where the magic of life and my soul can show itself.


Rikke Agersted

"The entire process of the creation of the painting has been exciting and magical."


- it was really pure magic !!!

"It was a totally magical and fun day, I had a great time!"

Bente Wammen

"It was an adventurous journey into myself and into the magic world of painting.

I am born to shine"

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