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             Intentional Soulart

Intentional Creativity is a way to create with intention, where you go to your canvas with a clear intention, of what energy you want to put into this process. It’s a powerful tool for creating a painting full of healing and energy.

This is a 13 steps process, and I will guide you in every step of this journey. In this process you can relax, and know I will take you all the way, sometimes in this process, you will not be able to see where we are going, but be sure, we are on the right path to end up with a painting in which you will feel connected.

I will also take you on a guided visualization, where you will get to meet the archetype we will be working on. The archetype can be Your inner Goddess, your inner Queen, your inner wise Woman, and many others, depending on the workshop theme.

In 2016 I became an Intentional Creativity Coach and Teacher, and since then I have had lots of workshops with beautiful women, also one man, who painted his inner Goddess. I simply love to teach this and see how connected they feel with their creations. I love to see how people who have never painted before, walk home proud of what they have done.

No painting experience needed. I will guide you all the way.


Intentional Painting

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