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Golden life Coach

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Are you ready to offer your own unique gifts

and make a difference?

GOLDEN LIFE COACH is all about designing your golden life, being connected to your true essence of who you are. Using creativity to be a tool, for transformation, and a visual guideline for your soul living.

To inspire and coach others to do the same, using your unique gifts.

For you who dreams about:

  • Expressing your true self.

  • Opening up for creativity.

  • Have a passion for spirituality.

  • Going deep into self-discovery.

  • Bringing out your own wisdom.

  • Love to create your golden soul life, helping others doing the same.

  • Create transformation for yourself and others.

This you will get:

​A year of training to become a GOLDEN LIFE COACH,

10 modules, and 1 certification weekend, where you will get more than 20 models you can use in your business as a coach. This training you can also use to offer workshops, and circles or you can just use this for your own transformation.

You will get a full palette of tools to work with creativity, as a way for self-discovery. 

What will it  take:

​You do NOT need to have any creative skills, but if you have this will just be wonderful. A curiosity for life and spirituality. It will take a commitment and courage to do the work of self-discovery. A passion for people and progress. There will be homework.


Next GOLDEN LIFE COACH training will start

30 APRIL 2021

The 10 modules will be:

fre.  kl 17-20    Lør.  kl. 10-16   Søn. kl. 10-16

Modul  1: 30 Apr.,1-2 Maj

Modul  2: 28-29-30 Maj

Modul  3: 2-3-4 Juli

Modul  4: 20-21-22 Aug.

Modul  5: 24-25-26 Sep.

Modul  6: 29-30-31 Okt.

Modul  7: 26-27-28 Nov.

Modul  8: 14-15-16 Jan.

Modul  9: 11-12-13 Feb.

Modul 10: 11-12-13 Mar.

Certification weekend 7-8 Maj 2022

Materials we will use:

​The creative process will be done in books, that we will create in my studio. We will work with paper, multimedia, acryl, stencils, and whatever our creativity brings to the table. All materials we will use in my studio will be included.

My background:

  • Certified Soulart guide 2019

  • Certified Art of allowing 2018

  • Certified Intentional creativity coach and teacher 2016

  • SMART Coach 2015

  • Clairvoyance 2014

  • NLP practitioner 2011

  • Reiki healer 1-2-3

  • Regerationsterapi

  • Teacher Crew resource management 

  • Teambuilding/ Eventmanager 

  • Workshop teacher since 2016

  • A life long interest in self-development

Praktical info:

​In this first class of  2021, there will only be 4 places, so we can be sure to meet even if the restrictions due to the Covid 19, will be allowed only 5 people. 

The training will take place in my studio in Valby,

Rosenholm alle 20, 2500 Valby

We meet 10 weekends,

and 1 weekend for the certification

If you feel called to this training call for a talk on 51721780

Price for this training:

Corona price will be 19.000;- Kr. 

sign up before 15 April​

Normal 24.500,- Kr

All, materials we use in the studio are included.

When you sign up, you will pay 4000,- Kr.

It is possible to make an individual payment plan must be paid before certification day.