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      Coaching training, become a: 

Golden life Coach

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Do you have a Dream

helping people connect to their inner spirit,

and help them live a fulfilling life.

This Coaching Training is built upon a spiritual, and creative approach for personal insight and development.

A heART way for transformation

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Golden life Coach

Next Golden life
Coach training

This training is running for  1 year, with 10 modules, and over 20 coaching models, that you can use for yourself and clients.

You can use these models, as they are or make them unique for you. Making a personalized branding for your new business as a Golden life coach

holde bøger

For You

Who dreams about:

  • Expressing your true self.

  • Opening up for creativity.

  • Have a passion for spirituality.

  • Going deep into self-discovery.

  • Bringing out your own wisdom.

  • Love to create your golden soul life, helping others doing the same.

  • Create transformation for yourself and others.

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