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Jullie Qvist 

Soulartist, coach, and teacher.

Born in 1967 and from early childhood, creativity has always been my sacred space to go. To create is my meditation, my gateway to my inner essence and wisdom.

To inspire, and coach women to enter their own magic, is my biggest passion in life.



About Jullie

The year 2016 was her year of true transformation. Color of woman got her back to her SOULFIRE , working one full year with creativity, and personal growth, and was certified, Intentional Creativity coach and teacher. This made her realize that the vision from her age 15, was about to come true. She had finally found her true pathway in life.

In 2019 she got a new perspective and wanted to explore the magic of the more intuitive style. She got in contact with the beautiful soul of Flora Aube, and she is now an Art of Allowing facilitator, and she is astonied about how powerful this is for a deep connection to the Divine feminine.

Now you will find her in her studio in Denmark – Scandinavia, having workshops, where she passes on the gift of transformation through creativity.

Some of the magical stuff she is making is;

Art of Allowing Intuitive soulart. Intentional soulart 13 steps of painting your inner archetype. HeArt and soul books. She also started to make online courses, but they are still on their way. She uses both canvasses and art journaling, with mixed media, colors, imagination, and storytelling for transformation.

Transformation to remembering who you truly are.

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose

ourselves at the same time."        Thomas Merton

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."

                             Leonardo da Vinci


"Do what you love, and love what you do"Rumi

The magic is all around, let it show itself

in your art, and in your everyday life.

Come create your magical life with me.

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