About Jullie Qvist


Born in 1967 and from the early childhood, creativity had always been the MOJO of Jullie Qvist.

She loved to create from almost nothing to new creation. She also loved to use time on her swing – her imagination had no limits. She for sure had her wings on.

At the age 15, she had a vision about a canvas, even though she never painted before – but in her heart, she knew that one day, this would show itself.

Like in many fairy tales, some kind of dragon must come in the history, to make a transformation.

And the dragon turned up in 2015, which was a crazy year, two of her siblings got diagnosed with dementia, and two of her very best friend nearly died that year. Trying to take care of everybody, made her overwhelmed, and stressed out.

The year 2016 was her year of true transformation. Color of woman got her back to her SOULFIRE , working one full year with creativity, and personal growth, and was certified Intentional Creativity coach and teacher. This made her realize that the vision from her age 15, was about to come true. She had finally found her true pathway in life.

In 2019 she got a new perspective, and wanted to explore the magic of the more intuitive style. She got in contact with the beautiful soul of Flora Aube, and she is now a Art of Allowing facilitator, and she is astonned about how powerful this is for a deep connection to the Divine feminine.

Now you will find her in her studio in Denmark – Scandinavia, having workshops, where she passes on the gift of transformation through creativity.

Some of the magical stuff she is making is;

Art of Allowing Intuitive soulart. Intentional soulart 13 steps of painting your inner archetype. HeArt and soul books. She also started to make online courses, but they are still on its way. She uses both canvasses and art journaling, with mixed media, colors, imagination, and storytelling for transformation. Transformation to remembering who you truly are.

Here i am, Jullie Qvist

I believe in you and me !!!

I believe in connection, that by witness each other, we will feel more of what truly matters.  Also the connection to the earth, to oneself, to the world around us.  I believe the world is a magic and a sacred space for us to find our way home. To access the doorway to our soul. And for that, creativity is such a powerful tool, for transformation and growth.

 This is truly a magic journey for personal development, to witness what the great mystery of life bring to your canvasses.

One of my own first memories of life was curiosity around people's mind, and that curiosity for life and how our body mind and soul can develop, and find the sacred space within, have been a huge part of my life. I have taken many classes, to find my own way home, healing, clairvoyance, Nlp and a traditional coaching education. I found my way, my passion, and purpose, when I combined it with creativity, to be my own creator, to self-expression.  I had painted before as an artist, but it was like something was missing, not just to make art, but to do it from another perspective, make it a sacred practice, a journey into the unknown. In my journey I have witnessed my own transformation, I have seen the magic been manifested into my life. For this, I will forever be grateful.  I am so honored to bring this into the world for others to benefit from,  to share this mystery tool for self-expression.

Please come feel and be this ART of magic living.

Jullie Qvist